Are you sick of Trump⁉️🤬🤢🤮

Me too.

🎥WATCH: I discuss what, or rather WHO, is **blocking** #impeachment, and what we can do to #ImpeachTrump‼️

YO! Have you seen/heard this? @maddogpac hot new theme song!!! And our billboards - well, most of 'em! Written and produced by yours truly @erindickins with the inimitable Danny Levin. Hope you enjoy! #Billboards2018 @TrueFactsStated

My personal swag box arrived. Stuff for me and bumperstickers for those I meet.

@maddogpac @TrueFactsStated Saw one of these on the way from Orlando to Tampa, Thursday night. Good job! 🍊🌴🌊💕

All due respect to the Doors-it’s time for a Crossfire Hurricane. cc @dcherring

#Impeach45 End this regime. #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpTraitor I'm looking forward to #MuellerTime Buh-Bye, Felicia. Joni the fight:

Got swag? We do! So can you! Join the fight! #Impeach45 #EndTheNRA #BanAssaultWeapons #flipthehouse #flipthesenate @IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @flippable #SwingLeft

👇MAJOR THREAD 👇#GOP mega-donor #SheldonAdelson, who influences @realDonaldTrump policy on everything from the #USEmbassy to #Iran, is also tied to former #Canada PM @stephenharper, reveals @WendyMesleyCBC on #CBCTheWeekly. @CBCNews #cdnpoli #Trump

@CopelandColette @TrueFactsStated Perhaps this will explain things:

Reds plant immature dolt. 🔁 Trump is a mental toddler.

I’m not praying for anyone or anything. I just want to put up some billboards. That’s my lane.

All this tragedy. Finally we know the doors are to blame. #BanDoors

You know who would be interested in the "long & boring" @nytimes story on a second Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and foreign powers during the 2016 campaign?




Arm the teachers. Fortify the schools. But don’t you dare do anything to limit military capable weapons being widely available. Got it.

Lots of $25 and $50 pieces of original billboard left. All being sold to fund new Mar a Lago billboard.

BREAKING: Republican lobbyist just told me that Trump and his White House are “bracing” for indictments of Americans prob for conspiring against US & fraud. Likely to include Roger Stone, Sam Clovis, and more charges against Paul Manafort. Maybe Kushner and Don Jr. #TrumpColluded

You can’t read Trump’s 6 nut-ball tweets this mornin’ about Mueller and not get the feelin’ that Trump expects something big’s about to happen.

No surprise, Team🇷🇺Trump didn't call the FBI after Nader offered ILLEGAL help. Instead, Nader was quickly EMBRACED as a close ally & met frequently w/Kush & Trump's "Secretary of #Treason," Misha Flynn‼️🤬 5/


At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/

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