@CopelandColette @TrueFactsStated Perhaps this will explain things:

Reds plant immature dolt. 🔁 Trump is a mental toddler.

I’m not praying for anyone or anything. I just want to put up some billboards. That’s my lane. https://t.co/TJFoYRw0A2

All this tragedy. Finally we know the doors are to blame. #BanDoors



Arm the teachers. Fortify the schools. But don’t you dare do anything to limit military capable weapons being widely available. Got it.

Lots of $25 and $50 pieces of original billboard left. All being sold to fund new Mar a Lago billboard. https://t.co/esfiq92rrN

BREAKING: Republican lobbyist just told me that Trump and his White House are “bracing” for indictments of Americans prob for conspiring against US & fraud. Likely to include Roger Stone, Sam Clovis, and more charges against Paul Manafort. Maybe Kushner and Don Jr. #TrumpColluded

You can’t read Trump’s 6 nut-ball tweets this mornin’ about Mueller and not get the feelin’ that Trump expects something big’s about to happen.

No surprise, Team🇷🇺Trump didn't call the FBI after Nader offered ILLEGAL help. Instead, Nader was quickly EMBRACED as a close ally & met frequently w/Kush & Trump's "Secretary of #Treason," Misha Flynn‼️🤬 5/


At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/

I got the @TheHellfireClub audiobook. It’s weird hearing @jaketapper swear. 🙃 Also this is my second audiobook ever. What are you supposed to DO when listening?

@maddogpac @TrueFactsStated

Now that Ollie has it all figured out Should the billboard change?

Ban Ritilan?

Thinking; No.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the delicate doilies whose hands are sore from the wringing over whether we’re being polite enough in objecting to the assault on our republic. Thoughts and prayers.

We should be able to differentiate between guns used primarily for hunting/recreation and those weapons designed simply to inflict mass carnage on human beings. Honestly, are we overthinking this? #BanAssaultWeapons

Got your piece? Of history, that is! Our iconic Mar-A-Lago billboard vinyl is being sold to patriots across the land - starting at $25. Signed by Claude. And with a Certificate of Authenticity! Proceeds fund the replacement billboard! Get yours here:https://t.co/SQYUU9AIOk

Website glitch should be fixed. Vinyl sections of the original Mar a Lago are available https://t.co/esfiq92rrN

Bit by bit we have seen the substance and most details of the Steele Dossier confirmed...ultimately I believe we’ll see something worse than Trump using child-victims for water sports.

Docket ID ATF-2018-002
19K public comments
Search criteria = “I am fully opposed”

🚨NETS 7,398 identical comments🚨

Meaning >51% comments likely unauthentic

👇🏻I ran the search for you👇🏻

Dear MSM

I wish ONE of you would cover the BumpStock comments on Docket ID: ATF-2018-0002
19K public comments.
🚨NETS 1,598 identical comments🚨
Search criteria = “ I fully opposed”

👇🏻I ran a search for you👇🏻


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Veterans and family members participating in the Honor Flight Network visited Quantico National Cemetery, May 18. The visitors consisted of Veterans from World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars and five Gold Star family members.

[email protected] tells @jaketapper: "I have not seen any evidence" of Trump claims about FBI informant. #CNNSOTU

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