We're entering the phase where clickservatives move from the "The separation policy is Obmummer's fault" to the "Duh librul media is overreacting."

@TrueFactsStated Further, entering undocumented is a misdemeanor, like disturbing the peace. Since when do we remove children when parents are charged with a misdemeanor?

That six year old child memorized the number. Please tell me she’s being reunited. This is really hard to take.

@TheRickWilson Ooooh... it looks like the excrement is about to attempt to occupy the same physical space as the rotating blades of a motorized air displacement device...

Mouth agape. Tripling down on a total Four-Pinocchio falsehood. Saying it over and over does not make it so. We have now fact checked this three times. It’s still false.

My hot take: They’re much better than Auschwitz and they’re much worse than summer camps. It’s amazing what gets you labeled a centrist these days.

Week one is the Mobster Mobile. Week two begins Monday. Roll Against Trump: DC. Join us https://t.co/g2orQLd0n7

@TheRickWilson "Would you craft an immigration policy to cause controversy to push a political agenda and use it for leverage?"
"I'd craft an immigration policy to cause controversy to push a political agenda and use it for leverage?"

@TheRickWilson So if according to @IngrahamAngle, children detention centers are like summer camps.... I assume Paul Manafort's incarceration is pretty much the same as Improv Classes? Investigators ask him a question and he says "Yes, and?"


This is such a great speech. To the right audience in the right context in the most relatable way and I love it. Way to go @prattprattpratt.

The Russian Mobsters that put Trump in office are busted, so the last play of their Chekist pals is to make America look like other Russian puppet states.

Ryan Zinke linked to real estate deal in his hometown of Whitefish Montana, with David Lesar, the chairman of Halliburton, an oil-services company he regulates

Well, well, well.

Who's teacher NOW?

Pollster for one of Trump's most passionate, white-hot, flame-on ride-or-die defenders sends:

"We have about a week before XXXXXXXX bails on Trump. The numbers are THAT bad."

Am I reading this right? He was charged in New York first for illegal kiddy porn? State charges? And they've sat on him for a while, since before Dec? Oh JAss, you & @wikileaks are so monumentally screwed😂😂


Editor: “you wrote this weird, half the story is a single quote.”

Reporter: [long drag on a Marlboro] “Trust me.”

Email from a troll I've long since blocked and muted:

"You won't follow me because you're afraid of a real debate."

<checks timeline>

<sees tons of Pepe, QAnon, and conspiracy memes>

<closes timeline>

I chose wisely.

When Trump flips on this issue, and he will, all of you people defending this insufferably stupid policy are going to be left holding the crap end of the stick.

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