Scott made clear to Rubio he couldn’t support the Bounds nomination and Rubio said he’d be with him as a “no”, per a GOP source. Once it was clear where they were, there was a jailbreak of sorts against the nomination. And down it went.

@SenatorTimScott @tedbarrettcnn More from Sen. Scott: “I didn’t try to convince anybody to do anything. I just shared my thoughts and other said they were willing to join to ask for more information, so we have more information or simply, I assume, say ‘no’ at the end.”

[email protected] re: the Bounds nomination, per @tedbarrettcnn “The easiest way for me to say what I am trying to articulate is that the information I had was insufficient for me to be a ‘yes’ vote and therefore I was looking for more information that had not been provided.”

@20committee This one keeps going, John. I think we've reached a way bigger audience than the original piece anticipated! @cnni Give this man a platform! (I could call in for Dutch news by the way 😉 ) @thespybrief

Former DNI James Clapper has now confirmed on the record what NBC News and others have reported: That the US has evidence of Putin’s direct involvement in US election interference. Clapper said that evidence was shown to Trump.

@taddevine Bernie after people find out that he not only knew that Russia was trying to divide the Democratic party, but that he jumped on board.

judge: how do you plea?

trump: guilty

everyone: hooooooly shit

sarah sanders: he was actually just thinking about whether or not oj did it when he said "guilty" it totally had nothing to do with with the question that was asked right before he said it.

it's kind of cool I haven't had to scrub any Russian spies out of my timeline, Instagram account, or contacts today.

A big take away from #AspenSecurity is that the Russians are really good at computer stuff.

President Trump doubles down on his “fake news media - enemy of the people” mantra for reporting that his meeting with Putin was widely panned by members of his own party. That makes me an enemy of the state.

ICYMI ===>

Helsinki was the beginning of the end for Trump. By publicly siding with Putin against his own Intelligence Community, while the world watched, citing tinfoil conspiracy theories about Democrats, POTUS unraveled himself.

Mueller noticed.

Donald Trump Tosses Word-Salad, Ends His Presidency in Helsinki

The president backed himself into a Kremlin-hued corner, on live TV, with no obvious exits.

FDA Defends Decision To Reclassify Alternative Milks As ‘Nut Sweat’

@DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump @GOP @SpicyFiles Congressional R's have entered the zone of 'dereliction of duty'.

My dear Republicans,


Where is the party of Reagan and everybody who had spine and balls to defeat dictators?

Please, wake up and come back.

@20committee @JulianRoepcke @UmlandAndreas @Makeiev @Kasparov63 @Kateryna_Kruk @SlawomirDebski

The Russian Devine was communicating with is Konstantin Kilimnik.

Kilimnik is already under indictment by Mueller.

Bernie's Chief Strategist was in touch with Manafort's shady Putin-connected pal right before joining Bernie's campaign... Uh-oh.

The Astonishing Tale of the Man Mueller Just Indicted

One of the most shocking revelations from the special counsel’s investigation is the suggestion that Paul Manafort’s longtime aide is a pawn of Ru...

Adding to this as I process it...

Mueller's evidence in a criminal trial includes communications between Tad Devine, Paul Manafort and a Russian connected to Putin up through JUNE OF 2014.

In NOVEMBER OF 2014, Devine joined Bernie's campaign.

Tad Devine signs on to work with Bernie Sanders on potential 2016 run

The former Gore-Lieberman and Kerry-Edwards adviser says there is room in the Democratic field for a candidate like Sanders.

@TheRickWilson That article sure reads like a "How not to handle bad news in a campaign setting" primer.

@TheRickWilson Oh my it will be.

The numbers don't add up, and when numbers don't add up on multiple forms, it's an issue.

Audit Red Flags 101.

Curious the response was pure adhom too. Which means there's there there.

Attesting that Putin made this ludicrous offer with sincerity (how the hell would they know?) is an additional embarrassment.

Opening scene in Die Hard:



"Christmas tinsel on the light poles..."

Twitter doesn’t toxify any attempt to cross the aisle. Rick Wilson, Ana Navarro, Richard Painter, David Frum, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Joe Scarborough, etc. are all popular with liberals. The left is extremely willing to listen to conservatives who aren’t bigoted.

UK Investigators believe the #Russian🇷🇺attackers discarded a perfume bottle filled w/#Novichok that was found by Dawn Sturgess in a park. Sturgess sprayed the #Novichok *straight on to her skin* & was exposed to at least 10 times the amount of nerve agent as the #Skripals.😳


#Russia🇷🇺 perpetrated a WMD chemical weapon attack **on British soil** that killed one and left 3 others critically ill.

No surprise, #Russian🇷🇺agent @realDonaldTrump has NEVER addressed this atrocious attack on our closest ally‼️🤬


“A proposal made in sincerity by Putin.” JFC, they can’t even walk it back without blowing a kiss to Putin. It wasn’t made “in sincerity,” it was a trap, set out there with malice, and Trump stepped right into it.

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