Christine Blasey Ford's letter says that in addition to death threats and moving out of her home, her email was hacked and people have been impersonating her online. via @cnn

Jim Gensheimer, who has been friends w/ Christine Blasey Ford for 8 years, just gave me this statement -- he says she has previously told him about "her need to have more than one exit door in her bedroom to prevent her from being trapped."

My cat just came up from the basement and dropped a live mouse in the living room. And it got away and now we have no idea where it went. Hilarity ensues.

The FBI does not do investigations like this. The responsibility falls to us.

Chairman @ChuckGrassley has moved our committee vote to accommodate Dr. Ford’s lawyer’s offer on TV yesterday to have her client testify before the Judiciary Committee.

We should proceed as planned.

If you’d told me 10 years ago !!HELL, 2 years ago!! that a porn actor would publish a detailed description of the president’s private parts and it wouldn’t be the top story of the day I’d be all “What?”.

There is a bit of a divide among Republicans, mostly expressed privately today at the Capitol. Senators and their allies clearly want a vote soon *but* some aides told me their bosses wouldn't mind a brief FBI probe "to clear Kavanaugh's name," as one adviser put it, then vote...

This is from yesterday.

@SavannahGuthrie: “Is your client willing to testify before the JudiciaryCommittee publicly & tell this story?”

Debra Katz (attorney for Christine Ford): “She is. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her story forth. Yes.”

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If it looks too good to be true, it's too good to be true.

That said...

"She will talk with the committee. She is not prepared to talk in public on Monday." -- Christine Blasey Ford attorney to @andersoncooper just now

Hey @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS @KellyannePolls @seanhannity



It’s the one story we haven’t told: “Puerto Rico, The Exodus: After Hurricane Maria”
8pm, 11pm & 2am (the next morning)
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Did you f—king idiots really think you could launch a consequence free coup against the US govt on the Kremlin’s behalf, and no one would notice? Sucks for you @realDonaldtRUmp, @DonaldjtRUmpJr @jaRedkUshner @IvankatRUmp @ErictRUmp b/c it was noticed.

People who level death threats against strangers for political reasons/lulz should be horse-whipped and dragged through the streets. Is this harsh? Yes. Are these people subhuman filth? Undoubtedly!

I just updated my cheat sheet of major November elections with more detail about legislative elections in NY, NH, PA.

Spreadsheet now features 369 things to watch (but I trust you'll find the legislative section much better organized).

Check it out:

@TheRickWilson I've stricken "Touche" and "I feel you" from my lexicon simply for Tweets like these.

We are embarked on trade wars with all of our major trade partners under the leadership of a commander in chief who literally does not know what he is doing. I am reminded of the words of Gen. Petraeus: “Tell me how this ends.” My guess: badly.

Opinion | For sheer idiocy, it’s hard to beat Trump’s crackdown on trade with China

The president’s trade war is courting catastrophe.

Ivanka's going to talk Donald Trump into dumping Kavanaugh. "Daddy, Merrick Garland seems really nice! Pretty please, Daddy!"

Sorry. I’m clearly needing help with my Spanish. Go. Fight. Win.

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