Whistleblower says that Putin’s favorite Western bank —Deutsche Bank — helped the Estonian branch of Danske Bank launder $150 BILLION (nearly two-thirds of the #Russian🇷🇺cash laundered by Danske) and offered him him hush money to keep quiet.🧐

Apparently, according to my Twitter stream, there's a football game on.

Need a unique gift for someone? We have THE Trump (In)Action Figure. It weighs twice as much as advertised and he shows his love for Putin with a tattoo where the sun don’t shine. Comes with a free #Resist tote. And extra executive time.

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1/ Men like Adm. Bill #McRaven honor the fallen in rain, sleet and snow - they don’t hide out in the Ambassador’s residence in Paris or in bed in the @WhiteHouse live tweeting @foxnews and/or @foxandfriends —>

Since the Justice Department was founded in 1870, the US has NEVER had a sitting Attorney General - temporary or not - who had never been confirmed by the Senate.

Until Matt Whitaker, who Trump installed to protect him from Mueller.

We won’t stop talking about this. Will we?

The entire Republican Party is now attacking a war hero battling leukemia. Have you no shame.

the most terribly political thing McRaven said was the press shouldn't be called the enemy of the people, and it's wrong to strip someone of their security clearance for political reasons.

and Trump be like, he just donated to Hillary and started protesting with Antifa

Joining @AliVelshi on @TheLastWord in the 10 ET hour to talk about Trump and the military with @RadioFreeTom

Now that everyone is mad at me about the Abrams comments, I’ll be joining @msnbc at 1030 ET to talk about something more of us probably agree about: the corrosiveness of the GOP’s attacks on ADM McRaven.

@RadioFreeTom You’d really think that after the huge wins Dems just had they’d stop putting out the “it doesn’t matter what we do it’s fixed so we can’t win” message.

The most surprising thing I learned in the Post story about Ivanka is that she has a chief of staff. Why?

Just to head this off @realDonaldtRUmp; during your Turkey pardoning ceremony tomorrow, Roger Stone and Don Jr don’t count as “Turkeys.”

My gym is having an ‘active shooter’ preparation workshop this week...

I was first disgusted by this, then signed up for it... So depressed that this is the new normal.

BREAKING: Medical examiner reports 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, at Chicago's Mercy Hospital - AP

Huge thanks to 5.11 Tactical in Richfield ,store manager Jeff Nordyke and Clinton Romesha who invited us to a special event in September. Today we received a portion of the sales that were made on that day- We so appreciate your help in making reunions possible!

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