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Ronnie Jackson, Trump’s pick for VA Secretary, faces allegations of “Hostile work environment. Excessive drinking on the job. Improperly dispensing meds” while being the WH physician.😳


Today I’m at @RECONVERGE in Madison, WI, a conference on intelligence! Huge discount on the streaming ticket, code: GAME THEORY.

NEW: @SenatorIsakson won’t tell me if he plans to delay the confirmation hearing for Veterans Sec nominee Rony Jackson. Said he needs to talk to his committee members. That is expected to happen this morning.

On the news that Trump is reportedly using his personal cell phone more, I can't help but think of this quote from last year:

"If President Trump is carrying around an unsecured Android phone, that's 1,000 times worse than using a personal email server."

Is Trump Tweeting From a 'Secure' Smartphone? The White House Won't Say

Cybersecurity experts agree that if President Trump is using his old Android smartphone, it poses a big risk. The same experts say there are ways for ...


@TheRickWilson Don’t forget his heroism during the deadly massacre at Bowling Green!

👇🏼THIS👇🏼is why the Republican tax plan is actually the #GOPTaxScam‼️🤬

👉🏼43% of economic gains go to FOREIGNERS btwn now and 2028
👉🏼Thereafter, **71% of gains** go to foreigners.🙄


There was no vetting on Ronny Jackson. No formal interview. No process. Now his nomination will be held up amid a probe into his behavior.

Just an observation: This may not be the week to re-litigate Hillary Clinton’s campaign - or your media coverage of it.

It’s all on the record. Half of it is evidence in court right now. It is what it is.

Not much of a mystery... produced by AMI [ nat'l enquirer ], no ad revenue, shipped to the flyover states, and circulated for approval among the Saudis 3 weeks before publication approval.

You gotta love metadata.

"Contrary to RT’s assessment, the problem with security vetting of the BBC is that there wasn’t enough of it."

Senator Coons is a honorable man and did the right thing. If I ever have to make a choice between political expediency and being loyal to a friend-I hope to make the choice to choose loyalty, fidelity. Honor.

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Hey @DrMarkGreen4TN How’s tricks? Found your DD214? How about letting us know your 3 digit SPN code that indicates your reason for separation from service. Is there some reason you don’t want the voters of TN07 to know?

To have Russian military tool RT speak about journalism is like inviting ISIS to talk about terrorism.

Do you think @socialbakers lost its mind by inviting RT to Prague?

Please share if you agree.

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Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith calls @TheHellfireClub “fun” and says it “has the best qualities of this sort of historical fiction, which include the winking perspective of the present.”

Oh f*ckin BOOM🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥
Kogan just broke cover and gave the exact answer the Russian Foreign Ministry has been running for over 18 months. US & UK interfere in Foreign elections, according to Kogan, so Russia is entitled to do it too


You want FRIES with that?

Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES) training and live fire courses are ways Marines with the Maritime Raid Force, @26MEU, maintain readiness aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima.

@TrueFactsStated Until November elections, none of this will change. Thats a heavy burden with uncertain outcomes. MORE MADDOG BILLBOARDS.....PLEASE.

[email protected]’s HellFire Club is striking, from the instant you meet Charlie you are swept up in a story of intrigue, at the heart is good vs a devious evil only DC could offer at the height of McCarthyism. https://t.co/SgHvIOktJn

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